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IP Network Solution For Easy Integration

IP Network Design

IP-Engineer dedicated to solving network challenges companies face today. We take the time to analyze and design network for optimal security, efficiency, QoS and reduce downtime.


There are multiple IP Phone solutions available. We skillfully navigate and recommend the best solution based on existing IP network, for your hardware at your office, mobile workers and remote sites.


Our implementation plan comes with a step by step IP network architecture so that your sophisticated business voice and network requirements are clearly defined and ready for an end to end implementations.


Our repetitive and preventive Network Maintenance Schedule would handle all your upgrades and patches of your IP Network system for maintaining a 24/7/365 uptime business requirements.

How We Help Find The Right Business IP Network Solution For Your Company.

Our Mission

We are here to help deliver optimal IP solution strategy for your business voice and data communications. Whether you are looking to improve your VoIP call quality or looking for intelligent data routing our IP-Technicians are available to help you through the transition process and keep your business operating at peak efficiency.

Our Experience

IP-Engineer provides result-oriented IP Network Project Management services that meet or exceed business communication and network technology requirements. Our expert IP Engineers and IP Technicians work together to Design, Procure and Integrate Data, VoIP and SIP technologies to help steer your IP network project while enabling cost savings.

Our Process

Our project governance will ensure that the IP Network Project requirements and outcomes are aligned with the strategic objectives of each and every clients. We apply project management scope and co-manage all parties by ensuring their role is understood and reflected in our project plans. We communicate project status with clients and all stakeholders for successful completion.

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